6 Ways to Give Yourself a “Breakover”

By Jay Ryan, Co-Founder of Breakupgems.com

There’s a reason Neil Sedaka’s “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” became a pop classic. That’s because t’s true! But breakups can also be a time to reflect and embark on a new chapter in your life. Many people have been through a romantic heartbreak, which can be among life’s biggest challenges. Yet being single after a committed relationship can also be a good time to rejuvenate yourself.

Here are several ways to turn your breakup into a makeover, or what I call a “breakover.”

*Empower yourself with the gift of health.It’s almost a cliché that exes lose weight after splitting up; some lose their appetite due to melancholy and some are motivated to look and feel better with exercise and dieting. Don’t punish yourself with Spartan regimens.. Eat nutritious foods and train sensibly.

*Treat yourself to a new wardrobe.Clothes can be the bearers of painful reminders, such as the sweater he or she got you last year or the outfit you wore on your first date. Consider freshening up your style with new clothes. A new wardrobe can serve as a healthy reminder of the new you.

• Be proactive with your reading.There are many genres of self-help literature, from spiritual to academic. Don’t limit yourself to nonfiction though. Classic literature not only gives you a great education, it also helps readers increase empathy and better understand emotional complexity.

*Consider a healthy reminder of the new you.It’s a tradition in our society to commemorate a romantic union or celebration with jewelry. Your breakup may likewise be a blessing that allows you to grow as an individual. Consider a ring or other piece of jewelry that will not only mark this milestone but also be a personal reminder of your transformation and new beginning.

*Travel adds perspective on a new journey.Whether or not you realize it, a breakup is the beginning of a new life trajectory. Travel – whether it’s time for a change of domestic scenery or a vacation – perfectly symbolizes a new journey. Overcoming a painful separation requires an outside perspective, which is often gained through travel.

* Invite friends over for a dinner party.The depression that is liable to ensue after a breakup often leads to isolation, but that is when you most need your friends! Why not host a breakup party? Rather than blowing it out with a large group of people, which may include strangers, keep it simple with intimate friends you can trust.

Jay Ryan is the co-founder of BreakupGems.com, an online retailer that specializes in fine breakup and divorce jewelry. Each piece in the collection conveys an empowering message of freedom and renewal with designs that are both stylish and meaningful for anyone overcoming a recent breakup or simply celebrating happy singlehood. “We cater to the growing number of people looking for meaningful ways to bring closure to their past and move forward with confidence,” Ryan says.

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