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Healthy Diet & Nutrition

“Spice” Up Your Health


By Diane Blum Did you know that one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health is to use a handful of spices each day?Simply adding the right spices increases nutrients in your diet, allows you to use less salt and sugar for taste, and also has important health side benefits. Here are a few of the healthiest:1) Cinnamon

Vitamins + Supplements

Should Your Pet Take Supplements?


Our pets are like our family, right? Even pet food manufacturers now refer to “pet owners” as “pet parents” in their marketing! This humanization trend has been fueled by us Baby Boomers who are refocusing our discretionary spending on our pets rather than spending it on feathering our now empty nests. So it’s no wonder we “pet parents” are now pondering the question of vitamins and other supplementation for Fido and Fluffy. But what’s the real scoop of pet supplements? Good idea or bad?

Stress-Free Living

Not Wild about Your Backyard Wildlife?


By Diane Blum A variety of wildlife routinely exists in many neighborhood backyards. Homes that are near open space, hills, natural water sources, meadows and the like are known as an urban or suburban interface. In these areas in particular, people not only will see deer and other small animals, but sometimes more dangerous wildlife may move in. Hillside development may destroy previously wild habitat. Drought can also cause bears, mountain lions, and other predators to move in to residential areas.

Beauty & Style
Skin Health

Are Your Skincare Products Making You Sick?


By Diane BlumMost of us put on gloves when we clean our bathrooms, as we’re very aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals coming into direct contact with our skin. But what about all of the synthetic chemicals that we innocently apply to our bodies?Every day we absorb self-applied toxins, and most are no further away than our bathroom make-up counter. Shampoos, soaps, deodorants, and all the many “de-aging” skincare products we women use. How do we know they are all safe?


Caregiving Challenges: Bathing and Personal Hygiene


By Diane Blum As Alzheimer’s progresses, poor hygiene can often become more than just an unpleasant issue. It can have medical consequences, such as bacterial infections including UTIs. Gastroenteritis and other health issues can also occur, some quite serious to an immune system weakened as Alzheimer’s progresses.

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