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Make This Your Year for Change, 2014


The reality of life can be painful and widowhood is a harsh reality. I remember feeling sad about another year coming, identifying myself as a “widow”, and rather than being excited about what I could create in the new year personally, professionally, physically, or spiritually, I just stayed in my “widowhood”. That had to change, and it did.

Grief Sighing or Breathing Relief?


Do you sigh throughout the day? Perhaps you don’t recognize that you’re sighing. It’s a deep breath in as your entire upper body rises, and then you release with an long audible exhale and your body sinks as do your hopes.

7 Ways to Treat Depression With Food


Treatment for depression can be a complicated process involving both therapy and medication. But one often-overlooked factor is nutrition -- you are what you eat, and you need to eat food that will help you be happy. Here are seven tips to help you eat to curb depression.

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