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Risk Factors for MS


Environmental risk factors for MS are an important part of what may cause this disease. MS is a serious disease … Watch Video→

Hot Flashes and More


Hot flashes bothering you? As one of themost prevalent menopause side effects, you’ll want to find out how to deal … Watch Video→

Understanding Perimenopause


During perimenopause some subtle—and sometimes not-so-subtle—changes in your body might happen. Learn more about some things you might experience in … Watch Video→



Anyone who’s sexually active can get gonorrhea. While this disease can cause very serious complications when left u treated, it … Watch Video→



Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease, which can be easily cured. But if left untreated, chlamydia can make it … Watch Video→

HPV 101


HPV is now the most common STD in the USA, affecting people of all ages. Find out everything you need … Watch Video→

Cesarean Delivery


C-section rates have been on the rise–get the facts you need to help make sure you go into your birth … Watch Video→

Inducing Labor


Babies set their own schedule, but if your due date has come and gone, your midwife or doctor may want … Watch Video→

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