Author Image Guide

Images Guidelines

Each article must contain at least one image. For longer articles, please include at least two. The goal is to have at least one image partially on screen while scrolling down the article.

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Here are some standard guidelines;

  • Source: Shutterstock
  • Standard Size: 730px (width) x 430px (height), if unable to resize, images should be landscape orientation (wider than tall) and will be automatically resized by WordPress
  • Image Quality: download at medium
  • What to Look For:
    • Engaging imagery – people interacting, action, movement, contrasting backgrounds
    • Avoid images with words when possible
    • Bright colors
  • Alt Text: when uploading, use a few descriptive words for the Alt Text – no other text fields need to be changed or added for article images


Steps to insert images into the body of the post:

  1. Place your mouse where you want to insert the image in the body of the text
  2. Click “screen-shot-2018-11-05-at-2-44-31-pm” at the top left of the WordPress article navigation
  3. Select “Upload Files” – you can drag and drop them from your desktop if they are saved their, or select them the classic way
  4. After inserting, the image will most likely be too small, if so, click on the image until this box pops up:
  5. Click “Edit”
  6. For the size, select “Large” (as below)


Here are some examples of the types of images we should be looking for:



Breast Cancer:





Skin Care:











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