Author: Kate McKay

Kate McKay is a multi-million-dollar business owner, international best-selling author, TV personality, transformational speaker, strategic business consultant, and health and wellness expert.

Kate is the author of Living Sexy Fit… At Any Age, featured in Family Circle. Kate has been a contributor to Entrepreneur, New York Smash, and Golf Magazine. She is also a monthly contributor to the Eagle Tribune in New England on health, wellness, and living a life of prosperity.

Kate was featured on the internationally distributed PBS program Creative Living with Sheryl Borden. Kate has also been a contributor to numerous radio spotlights on radio stations across the country.

Kate recently spoke at the Women’s World Golf Conference about confidence and success. She continues to work with both men and women to help build their legacy-level brand reflected in all areas of their lives.

Committed and passionate about helping people to live their purpose, Kate believes “living sexy” is living a life of vitality, passion, and confidence, having work that fires you up, having the body of your dreams, and even living in the relationships you desire. Kate motivates people by showing them how to embrace their own sense of prosperity, living their biggest, boldest, and wildest dreams, and letting go of negative self-talk and feelings of unworthiness so they can live a life all-out. It’s possible. Kate has done it, and she is committed to helping others live a fulfilling and rich life as well.

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