Author: Marki Flannery

Marki Flannery has been with Partners in Carefor more than 30 years, since its inception in 1983. She was appointed vice president in 1990 and president in 1996. Under her guidance, Partners in Care has become the largest licensed home care services agency in the greater New York City area. A frequent presenter at statewide and national conferences, Ms. Flannery has served in a leadership capacity for various industry organizations, including president of the New York City Chapter of the New York State Association of Health Care Providers from 1991 to 1993. She has also published articles in industry journals, such asCaring Magazine and National Association for Healthcare Quality. She is a blogger for The Huffington Postwhere this article originally appeared.


Peace of Mind for Long-Distance Caregivers


By Marki Flannery Every Sunday, Donna placed a call from her home in Washington D.C. to her Aunt Catherine, to check up on her. At age 87, Catherine lived alone in her longtime Lower Manhattan apartment and, except for an attack of angina a couple years ago, was in relatively good health. Donna asked, as she usually did, about her aunt's weekend and was heartened to hear she had gotten out with friends. "My neighbor's daughter took us to the Metropolitan Museum," Catherine said, sounding uplifted.

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