Author: Piero Rivolta

Piero Rivolta (, an award-winning poet and author, grew up in Milan, Italy in a family of automakers. He has made a career of successful reinvention based on creativity and passion for enhanced living. The leader of a successful car manufacturing company, he left Italy and moved to Sarasota, Fla., in 1980 with his wife Rachele, a painter. Rivolta has also been a residential and commercial builder, high-seas sailor and yacht producer. He recently published Bridge Through the Stars, his first novel since the publication of Journey Beyond 2012 and his Sarasota trilogy: Sunset in Sarasota, Alex and the Color of the Wind and The Castaway. Rivolta is also the author of four poetry/prose collections: Just One Scent: The Rest Is God, Nothing Is Without Future, Going By Sea and One Life, Many Lives.

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