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Better Sex Starts with Healthy Feet and Eyes: 7 Ways They're Medically Connected

People are always looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Did you know the health of your eyes and feet have a lot to do with sex? In fact, the eyes, feet and genitals create an interesting triad that harbors countless connections for sexual and medical information. A weak point in one part of the triad may indicate a deficiency or problem in another.   

Dr. Alan Shih & Dr. Zuraida Zainalabidin are the founders of Head to Toe Healthcare. They say if you’re having issues in the bedroom, it could indicate a more serious problem with your eyes or feet.

Here are seven things to know:

1. Eyes are the windows to the soul.

When you find someone attractive, prior to sparking conversation, what is the first connection? Often it is the period of eye contact before you approach them. This exchange of nonverbal communication informs the other individual that you are interested in them. Prolonged eye contact can also stimulate serotonin and dopamine receptors in your brain to respond with feel- good hormones. This chemical interaction primes the brain for what may be in store.

2. Feet were not just made for walking.

The most common body part fetish is the foot fetish. Individuals whose interest leans towards the feet tend to find arousal with objects related to the fetish as well. Sporting thigh high boots or sexy sandals may be the way to nearly half of people’s hearts, and bedrooms. Your next romantic encounter may very well be determined by having healthy looking feet. Sondra,

3. The triad of inflammation is telling.

The eyes, feet and sex can be connected all at the same time with a condition called Reiter’s Syndrome or Reactive Arthritis. If a patient has a history of arthritis (inflammation of the joints, commonly the feet), conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eyelids), and urethritis (inflammation of the urethra) they may be at-risk for Reiter’s Syndrome. Antibiotics are needed as treatment for these problems but outcomes are promising.

4. Love pills may warrant a trip to the optometrist.

Love pills like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra help many couples raise the bar in the bedroom. However, this rekindled romance can be at a cost because these drugs may affect vision and block blood flow to the eyes for a select few. If you experience any visual disturbances while treating erectile dysfunction with these medications, pay your optometrist a visit to make sure your eyes are on the right track.

5. Lights off, shoes on please.

Toenail fungus is not a titillating topic for anyone, and particularly those with whom you are sexually interested. Not only do you forgo open-toed shoes, but you might opt to keep your socks on in the bedroom. Having to tiptoe around a sensitive issue can hinder your experiences sexually and cause you to present an unnecessary tension during your interactions with the opposite sex. Save yourself the hardship and seek treatment as soon as possible. Visit a podiatrist for an evaluation and possible laser treatments – the newest and best treatment option for onychomycosis (toenail fungus).

6. Damaged nerves are no good for the bedroom.

Peripheral Neuropathy and particularly diabetic peripheral neuropathy affect millions of Americans. This disorder leads to damage of the peripheral nerves which can severely impact your sex life. Damaged nerves struggle to signal sexual arousal to the sex organs from the nervous system. Nutrition, proper foot care or surgery are possible treatments for peripheral neuropathy.

7. Erectile dysfunction is secondary to other conditions.

Erectile dysfunction can happen on its own, but often there is a primary issue that causes the problem. Diabetes and hypertension are some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Visiting your eye doctor will clear up the potential risk of diabetic retinopathy being an issue for you. Treat the problem at the source with a healthy lifestyle to make for more fun in the bedroom.

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