Bring Back Respect

While I’m not a huge television watcher, I do enjoy a good awards show. With my remote control, a cup of tea, my pj’s on and my coziest blanket, I love watching the beautiful stars in their sparkly dresses with hair and makeup perfectly done.

I was having a relaxing time and was excitedly waiting for my favorite actress to be announced.  The hype of the week was happening as she arrived on stage to accept her Lifetime Achievement Award.

The speech turned political.  I love that we have freedom of speech, but for me, I did not want to hear about it during an awards show.

When my son played sports as a child, I always tried to teach him to give it his best shot, and if you get the opportunity to win a trophy, accept it graciously. I also tried to teach the line “If you do not have something nice to say, say nothing at all!”

While the actress showed respect, the world knew it was being said with our upcoming President in mind. As disappointed as I was with her using the award show platform to voice her concerns, I was even sadder when turning on the news the next day to hear his Twitter response.

I am not suggesting we do not defend ourselves as of course we should. There is a time and place for everything.

There are winners and losers at award shows, sports events, or in this case elections and everything in between. Everyone loses when we choose to use name calling and negative statements when the game is over.

We are in a state of change today. The question: how can we make this work?

My message to the incoming President is:  you were given the grandest role imaginable.  Be a role model for all of us.  There are many children who stomp out of a room and say things like “I do not like you” but most parents do not respond with the words “I do not like you either!”  We are all responsible for our words to each other.

My words today are not intended for any political side. Our goal as a country is to stop blaming each other, stop pointing fingers and join hands to bring back respect.

Can we do that?  If not for ourselves, at least for the future?

Of course we can!

We are the United States of America.

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