Forgiving Myself

Did you ever find yourself at a stage in life where you were totally disciplined and all of a sudden your routine changes and you know you should be working extra hard but you weaken anyway?

At the beginning of the year I began eating well and working out and made great progress with a five-pound weight loss. My willpower left me as I went to New York to visit family. Pizza, Mexican food, cappuccino and matzo ball soup won. I know there are extraordinary people who would not have weakened, and I admire them.

Commitment to me is huge and my actions did not match my promise to myself. I felt disappointed. But it taught me not to judge others. Stop and think for a second: When was the last time you found yourself criticizing someone?

Is there something you have done, or someone in your life who may need forgiving? The choice to try to find forgiveness can transcend a lifetime. The world could be a great place if together we do the extra work to live, love and laugh – and don’t criticize.

Success is not about being perfect! am reminding myself I am a success because I have the ability to be honest and truthful and admit my flaws. I officially forgive myself for gaining weight while on vacation, so start forgiving yourself and others!

Today may be ordinary but with a little forgiveness, tomorrow can be the start of many extraordinary days to come.



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