How to Bloom After 50

The word reinvention is on my mind because it seems to be the ‘in’ word in many articles written for women over 50. I read and listen to experts telling us that learning how to bloom after 50 is all about reinvention.

If we reinvent ourselves, we will find a new meaning of happiness that ultimately will lead to a more fulfilling life. How depressing and unrealistic is that?

Reinvent means, via New Oxford American Dictionary: “Change yourself so much that it appears you are entirely new.”

Hopefully by the time you are over 50 you have a positive feeling about who you are and don’t want to reinvent yourself. My God, you have spent 50 plus years becoming the woman you are. Rejoice.


How to Bloom After 50: Let’s change our mindset

A far better word would be, ‘reopen.’ It resonates positivity. It acknowledges that you have the opportunity to reopen possibilities because you have time and you are a wiser woman after 50. It is telling you, not to get stuck because you are an empty nester, a divorcee, a widow, retired, or living with a retired husband that changes your lifestyle. Now, because of your age and wisdom, you have tools to continue to bloom.


I am of the mindset that we continuously grow intellectually and emotionally as long as we live on this earth.

Our wealth of experiences is vast. We marry, we give birth, we raise children, we own our home, we learn about people, and we move. Some of us have careers, become grandmothers, care for our elderly parents. Still others are divorcees, widows, we remarry, have blended families and a million other life experiences.

Each experience adds layer upon layer of self- growth, and by the time we are over 50 years old, we have earned our Ph.D., In life. At this stage in our lives, we know who we are. Women over 50 know what we like, we know what we want. And, we know our flaws and weaknesses, as well as our strengths and frailties.

We know what brings us joy; what brings us contentment; we are grounded, women. So, why in the world would we want to reinvent ourselves when we have worked years to become the women we are today over 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and beyond?!

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