Love, Food and Stuff

As I opened the refrigerator door to store the new week of groceries, I was upset to see the moldy blueberries that had landed way back on the shelf. “Oh, what a waste!” I heard myself mutter. “I must stop doing this!”

Now that I am 59, I’ve made a vow that my journey to 60 is going to be filled with health and wellness, which includes buying good food and only what I need. I have started social media health groups, and my followers are my inspiration on this trip, so I knew I had to rethink my weekly shopping purchases!

I immediately took everything out of the refrigerator and laid it on the counter. I then took all the shelves and drawers out and scrubbed away.  I neatly put everything back after discarding the expired salad dressings, and (I am ashamed to list) the many more wasted items.  I did the same with the freezer.

Then it was on to the clothes closet. I began sorting and saw the many pretty blouses and skirts I had bought for special occasions in the past and worn just once. There were some things I had completely forgotten were in there. As I’d done in the kitchen, I decided what I wanted to get rid of, and I organized the rest.

The neat refrigerator and closets made me feel accomplished but at the same time sad. Compared to how they once looked they now seem empty. I know I can write honestly, for many of you probably feel the same. Over the years, I continued to buy because it made me feel comforted to have so many things. Empty shelves can seem lonely.

It took a while to realize that I may not need lots of food to cook for people, or have very many parties to attend. But they are all part of my memories.  I have a happy marriage, we both are putting our minds on our small businesses, I have time to do my hobbies such as writing, and I am making friends and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know them better.

I came to the conclusion I don’t want my legacy to be storage containers.   Quite honestly I don’t think too many kids want our stuff when we are gone.  I have learned to rid myself now so they don’t have to do it later.  I am learning at 59 that I want my legacy to be adventure, laughter, learning new things and staying as healthy as I can so I will be around for a long time.

So if you’re like me and there aren’t quite as many people in your house anymore, you know it is time to purchase just one pint of blueberries.  Should you need more, the store will still have them. I can now smile at the empty shelves, for I have a lot less housework.  I can wear the clothes I kept when I spend time with all my new amigos.

Love lives in our hearts, not on overstuffed shelves.



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