Road ahead for 2020

New Year, New Decade

The dawn of a new decade ushers in the feeling that fresh opportunities and unforeseen adventures could lie on the road ahead. Here at, we hope that the ride starting on January 1st, 2020 will be smooth and satisfying for all of our treasured visitors even as we acknowledge that rocky patches are probably inevitable, at least for some of you.

Yet we also hope that, with our dedication to bringing you up-to-the-minute news and advice about the health and well-being of you and yours, will help you get past the bumpy stretches, increase your joy, and comfort you when you need solace.

Past & Future

A look back at the decade just past reveals that we’ve done our best at thirdAGE to accomplish exactly that over the years. Every weekday on our homepage slider we posted information from trusted sources such as the National Institutes of Health, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the American Heart Association, as well as knowledge-boosting articles by experts in fields including medicine, dentistry, finance, and parenting, among others.

Our weekly blogs delved into such diverse topics as arm-chair travel, mental and emotional health, grief, relationships, grandparenting, and women’s history, along with many more. Not only that, but we periodically updated the valuable resources in our comprehensive Condition Centers and brought you slideshows that are both fun and factual. Now, as we launch into our next ten years of digital journalism, we have vowed to offer you that same mix of educational and entertaining posts while we strive to enhance once again with the latest research and the most pertinent guidance available.

Here’s to you, our valued visitors. We take our commitment to you seriously. May continue to  be your guide and your good friend in the year and the decade that stretch ahead of us now. Safe travels to all!

Sondra Forsyth is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of Please visit

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