The Name Game

I heard a funny line this morning and it got me wanting to blog:”I forgot my friend’s name so I took her to Starbucks to find out what it was.”

Starbucks does write names large on their cups, and it, would be great if it were as easy as visiting a coffee shop to remember all the names in my brain.

Let’s talk about the embarrassment I feel when I don’t know someone who knows me!

I was visiting New York last month and was in a supermarket when a woman who did look familiar came up to me and said, “Hi, Donna, it’s nice to see you back in town. How long are you visiting?”

I had no idea where I knew the woman from, let alone her name. Thankfully it was a very uncomplicated chat and after parting I still did not have any idea who she was. And though I’ve racked my brain, I still don’t!

You’ve probably encountered situations like that. But…did you ever put a wrong name on a birthday cake?

I did!!!! Talk about embarrassing name moments! I have two friends; Joan and Jane. It was Joan’s birthday and I had them write “Happy Birthday, Jane” on her cake. Luckily for me she laughed hysterically, but I felt terrible and am defining this as my all-time most embarrassing name moment.

Thumbs up if you agree that all this can be avoided if we had our names written on our foreheads or at the very least made it mandatory to walk around holding Starbucks cups.

Now that works for me.


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