The Right Words

Kevin and I will soon be married 38 years and for the most part get along perfectly fine. But there are times when I wish some things were different. I’d like a private area just for myself.

Just this morning I came into OUR bedroom with OUR laptop and closed the door to concentrate on MY writing.

Then in Kevin walks to get something out of his dresser drawer, and I see myself scowl in the mirror. He noticed my annoyance and gave me a bewildered look. I immediately felt guilty. I certainly would not want him to look at me the way I see my reflection looking at him right now! But what words could I say?

I stopped typing, grabbed my cellphone and began searching my social media to see what my friends were doing. An acquaintance wrote, “Prayers needed for a friend whose husband had a heart attack driving home from work and has passed away.”

That could be me one day.

Suddenly the fact that Kevin disturbed my concentration seemed inconsequential.

While actions speak louder than words, I’m not perfect and am going to react to things from time to time. I get annoyed when the refrigerator becomes messy (he can’t seem to keep it organized). I do need my space every once in a while. I also know how blessed I am and that there may come a time when I am going to wish these days had not gone by so fast.

There will always be frustrations. Believe me, 38 years is a long time to be married, and to expect to constantly see eye to eye is a long shot. But we’ve made a vow, no matter what, to always end with an “I love you!”

They are the right words. They are the best words.

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