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Yearly Physical


I have my yearly physical in two days, and I’m dreading it. Let’s see… I had foot surgery seven months […]

"Duh" Moments


The “duh” moments just keep increasing. Let’s see. I sent a payment in the mail except it returned to my […]

Exes and Formers


I’ve never really liked the word “ex”, so I try to use the word “former.” Lately, I’ve been challenged about […]

Talking It Out


It feels like yesterday that my husband Kevin decided at the age of 59 to stop dreaming of photography and […]

The Almighty Dollar


I hate to be cynical, but… We have laws/legislatures that supposedly protect people. While that might be true, there is […]

Grief Nudges


I’m no stranger to grief, but I still get caught off guard when a wave hits me unexpectedly. I should […]

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