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The Irritable Male Syndrome And Male Menopause


"He used to be the nicest guy you could imagine, now he's become moody and mean." I hear this bewildered concern from women all over the world. "She used to be gentle and caring, now she treats me like her worst enemy. Men are equally frustrated and confused. Millions of women and men are finding that something strange is happening to them when their relationship moves into mid-life. 

Memories of 9/11 in NYC


 On September 14th 2001, three days after 9/11, I posted "Attack on New York: Report from the Front Lines" on where I've been "The New York Dance Scene" blogger since 1997. Here is what I wrote when the tragedy was still so fresh:

Wild Cat


On summer Sundays near my apartment in Manhattan, volunteers from Kitten Little Rescue bring cages full of captured feral cats and set up camp. When I walked by one afternoon in 2010, I spotted a white kitten doing its winsome best to attract attention by sticking a paw through the bars and letting out plaintive meows that seemed to say, "Pick me! Take me home with you!"

To The Pointe


During the New York City Ballet's seasons at the David H. Koch Theater in Manhattan’s Lincoln Center, a film offering a backstage glimpse of the dancers' lives plays as a loop on a screen beside the box-office windows. People waiting to pick up tickets invariably watch with particular fascination during the segments about pointe shoes. 

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