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Can Plastic Surgery Make You Look Older? Yes . . .

The goal of cosmetic surgery is to make a patient look like a refreshed, enhanced version of herself.

Many women seek cosmetic surgery to turn back the clock, which is a respectable, personal choice. But there is a downside: the expressionless, puffy, distorted look that makes some women appear older than they are. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to get the best cosmetic surgery possible:

Don’t Use Too Much Filler:

The best way for you and your surgeon to begin is to look at photos of yourself when you were decades younger to assess your aging progression and facial symmetry. You want to look at the facial features to see where there is drooping or volume loss so as not to run the risk of overfilling the face. When too much filler is used, facial balance is thrown off.

Today we’re seeing young women in their 20s start Botox too young, or overfill their lips, breasts, and derrieres. And the (odd) consequence is that they end up looking older. There are several celebrities who are under 25 and look 30 and 35 due to all the work they’ve had done. The lips and cheeks are often the first facial features to be overdone in younger patients.

Frozen Faces Aren’t Cool:

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are all effective in reducing lines by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles to stop movement. Problems arise when they are overdone. The face can look very severe, and certain facial features can become exaggerated.

But injectable toxins are not permanent, and the result will fade away in time. Let the product completely wear off before getting injectable toxins applied to the face again. It’s always best to start off with much less because you can always work your way up to more.

Bigger Isn’t Better:

Breast implants that do not fit a woman’s frame and are overexaggerated are never a good idea at any age. The older a woman gets, the more this is going to scream, “look at me” and be incongruous with the rest of her appearance. Jane Fonda is a perfect example of a woman in her 80s with implants that match her body in a flattering way.

Don’t Overlook Your Hands and Décolleté:

So many women make the mistake of obsessing over their face, legs, derriere, breasts, and abdomen that they completely forget their hands and décolleté. The latter are a dead giveaway of age, no matter how young the rest of you looks.

Wait Until the Time is Right:

Some women get a facelift before it’s needed. Think of many of the stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. When it’s unnecessary or not done properly, the underlying midface tissues give an unnatural fullness in the cheeks that makes the face look aged.

Beware Puffy Cheeks:

Stiffness or puffy cheeks can occur if there is unnecessary filler injections or fat transfer are overdone. Over-suctioning cheeks in a quest for higher cheekbones via liposuction can also make you look older.

Pay Attention to Brows:

A highly arched eyebrow, or a brow without any arch, can instantly age you. Getting the eyebrow height just right to achieve a natural look is one of the most challenging techniques plastic surgeons face with Botox. Be sure to find someone who specializes in brow area Botox.

Don’t Go Big on Chin Implants:

The overall balance of a face can be thrown off if a chin implant is too large. In those cases, facial structure goes from more of a heart shape to a square shape. Also, the softness of your face gets lost.

Watch Out for Scrawny Necks:

Removing too much fat from the neck can result in an excessively deep and sharp angle that gives more of a harsh look.

Hollow Eyes Don’t Help:

Fat removal under the eyes is popular in younger patients. The problem is that removing too much fat can make a patient look hollower rather than refreshed.


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