Cannabis for Your Period
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Cannabis Bliss for your Period?

If you’ve experienced a period before, you’ve probably experienced a craving or two or three.

For about half of American women, chocolate —lots of chocolate— is high on that cravings list. And with medical marijuana use on the rise, that monthly chocolate fix is being taken to a whole new level, combining the deliciousness of cocoa with the pain-relieving properties of cannabis.

The product? Cannabis bliss with that chocolate fix.

Marijuana, or cannabis, contains a variety of chemical compounds called cannabinoids that make up its famous high. The most famous cannabinoid is THC, the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana like feelings of euphoria, uncontrollable laughter, and, well, unique thoughts. What most people don’t know is that marijuana also contains a variety of other compounds with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, such as CBD.

CBD and marijuana’s nearly 100 other anti-inflammatory compounds are what make medical marijuana such an attractive and effective option for many menstruating women.

These compounds interact directly with neurological receptors throughout the body, including those that control pain. For many women, the resulting relief is superior to over-the-counter or prescription pain management options, some of which are ineffective or come with high risk of addiction and unfavorable side effects.

The use of medical marijuana to treat period pains is nothing new.

It’s rumored that Queen Victoria herself was prescribed marijuana to alleviate menstrual cramps.

However, the spread of marijuana legalization has allowed business owners to expand the options available to patients.

Whoopi Goldberg made headlines in 2016 for launching her own brand of cannabis products specifically designed for the treatment of menstrual side effects, including cannabis-infused cacao.

Though it might be the most visible, Whoopi’s line of products is not unique.

Over the years, many other brands have started offering cannabis-infused products for menstrual relief including topical creams, bath soaks, tinctures—even vaginal suppositories. Companies catering to the craving customer offer chocolates, truffles, candy bars, cupcakes, brownies, and just about every sweet you can imagine.

Doctors and regulatory agencies like the FDA have been slow to weigh in on medical marijuana use for menstrual relief, and still remain cautious about its effectiveness overall. However, a growing number of advocates are cropping up across the medical and scientific professions. If it sounds like cannabis bliss is the perfect fit for your time-of-the-month woes, contact a doctor who is specializes in medical marijuana prescription to fully discuss your options and find the best treatment for you.

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