Healthy Diet & Nutrition

Eating a nutritious and healthy diet is one of the keys to a better life. Healthier food is better for your overall health. Check out these nutrition tips.

Healthy Diet & Nutrition

The Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics


By Sondra Forsyth Both prebiotics and probiotics are essential components of a healthy diet. Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics, which contain live bacteria. Together, they help promote the growth of the good bac- teria in your intestines and maintain your gut’s ecosystem. When a food contains both substances, it is called synbiotic: a synergistic combination of the two. Prebiotics

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Healthy Diet & Nutrition
Skin Health

Home Remedies to Keep Normal Skin Looking Young


By Soriyya Bawa If you have normal skin, you may feel like you’ve won the skin care lottery. But despite what the name may suggest, normal skin requires just as much care as oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin. Before you rush out to rake up as many anti aging skin care products as you can, take a look around your home—you may already have everything you need to make your own anti-aging home remedies for normal skin.

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