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Monday, August 11th

If you wish you felt more energetic, don’t miss these 5 tips on how to get your pep back!

Our video tells you the secrets to living over 100 years.

Don’t let the virus within reawaken as shingles! Here’s what you must know about this preventable condition.

Dr. Jaime Kulaga encourages you to say “Yes” to “No”.

Tuesday, August 12th

Here’s advice about staying safe from heat stroke.

Learn what the 5 emotions are that you need to watch out for in your relationship with money.

Find out about a little know but dangerous gut bacterium.

Wednesday, August 13th

Watch our video to learn 5 Easy 30-second workouts you can do at home.

The Mayo Clinic has advice for weighing your options regarding colon cancer screenings.

Robert Ashton, MD lists the foods that won’t “frail” you.

Blogger Nancy Wurtzel explores whether or not a person ever be prepared to care for someone with Alzheimer’s.

Thursday, August 14th

Dr. Kevin J. McLaughlin has surprisingly good news about fast food.

What is your bladder trying to tell you about your health?

Even if you have osteoarthritis, you can safely do this exercise routine.

Blogger Susan Tolles asks you if your fears are holding you back.

Friday, August 15th

Our video explains everything you need to know about breaking habits.

Dating with cancer: When do you talk about your diagnosis?

Blogger Sally Franz continues her rollicking series about marriage for the third time a 63 and becoming a stepmother.

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