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Monday, August 25th

Don’t miss our inspiring ThirdAge Health Close-Up about stroke survivor Allison O’Reilly who suffered from Locked-In Syndrome. She says she felt as though she were buried alive!

Want to lose weight? Counting calories still works best.

Our video teaches you six easy stress busters.

Bruce Miller MD discusses the impact of epidemics on the “Global Village”.

Blogger Sheryl M. Ness RN explains energy therapies for cancer survivors.

Tuesday, August 26th

This is the sex conversation you must have.

We have the answers to the five essential questions about long-distance caregiving.

Which is better, “senior” or “older adult”? Roger Landry MD explores why our word choices matter as we age.

Blogger Jed Diamond says the world is waking up to men’s health.
Wednesday, August 27th

Gardening guru Melinda Myers gives you a lesson in preserving the fall harvest.

Do you have obsessive-compulsive disorder? Watch our video to find out.

Are second opinions necessary or not? Jack Maniscalco MD explores this important topic.

Blogger Laura Lee Carter talks about the difference between romance and reality.

Thursday, August 28th

We are launching an exciting new feature called “Solve the Medical Riddle: What’s Wrong with Me?” In the first of four installments Marie Savard MD begins her diagnosis of a patient and invites you to guess what the condition might be. Come back each week until the diagnosis is finally revealed!

The Nation Institutes of Health helps you choose the right fitness trainer.

Learn about safe and effective alternative treatments for chronic pain.

Blogger Nancy Wurtzel shares the five lessons she learned from her years as an Alzheimer’s caregiver.

Friday. August 29th

The summer bug battle continues! Learn how to protect yourself.

Thinking of having a little something done? Our video helps you choose the right plastic surgeon.

Wise Widow blogger Audrey Pellicano RN reminds us that August 30th is Grief Awareness Day and offer comforting advice for those in mourning.

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