Hip Pain and Hip Health


The hip joint is the largest in the body—built to be both durable and allow for fluid movement. Serving as the connection between the legs and the torso, the hip joint plays a critical role in the body’s mobility. It is a ball and socket joint, meaning that the end of the femur bone (ball) sits within a larger indentation in the pelvis (socket), which guides its movement. With each step a person takes, the hip joint endures forces equivalent to two to three times the weight of the body. Though the hip joint is typically a very strong and stable joint, significant impact or accumulated impact overtime can cause injury. Hip injuries are fairly common, and the likelihood of sustaining a hip joint injury increases with age. Though many hip injuries can be treated with a combination of medication and physical therapies, many cases require an entire hip replacement.  Approximately 332,000 Americans received hip replacements in 2010.

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