Throat and Mouth Cancer

What Is Throat and Mouth Cancer

Throat and mouth cancer is also known oral cancer.  These cancers are the most common type of head and neck cancers. The majority of oral cancers arise from the tongue, the lips, and the floor of the mouth. However, it can also arise from the salivary glands, gums, lining of the cheek, roof of the mouth, and even behind the molars or wisdom teeth.

Nearly all oral cancers arise from squamous cells, which are the cells that line the mouth, lips, tongue, and cheeks. As a result, they are called squamous cell carcinomas. However, not all masses or growths in the mouth are cancer. Some may be benign growths (non-cancerous tumors) or others may be precancerous, which means they may develop into cancer.

More than 45,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2015. Worldwide, it is estimated there are more than 450,000 new cases. Unfortunately, the incidence of oral cancer has been increasing over the last decade. Other studies estimate that 115 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every day in the US. Further, one person dies from oral cancer every hour. If these cancers are detected early, patients have an 80-90% survival rate. However, those patients with a late diagnosis of oral cancer have a 43% survival rate at 5 years. It is hypothesized that a great public awareness of these cancers coupled with more effective screening protocols by medical and dental professionals may yield more early diagnoses and improved survival rates

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