Have a Great Spring Workout

By the time spring rolls around we’re all itching to get outside and escape the cold weather. It’s finally time to take a break from the stuffy, sweaty and over-crowded gyms we’ve been cooped up in all winter long and take advantage of all Mother Nature has to offer so we can switch up our monotonous workout routines.

Health and fitness guru John Rowley has some tips on how you can transition to an outdoors exercise regimen:

Make a Splash. Now is a perfect time to brush up on your swimming skills. It can burn up to 500 calories and hour, and it works every muscle in your body. You’ll be the star of the lake or pool by the time the weather is hot enough to swim!

Paddle off and Explore. Discover the pretty sites of summer while kayaking.

Get Lost in Nature. Grab some friends and take a calorie-burning hike!

Weed Out The Fat. Burn calories while making your yard beautiful.

Bump, Set, Spike. Find some friends and head 0ceanside for some beach volleyball! It’s a fun sport and can keep your heart rate up and tighten your body.

As always, check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program, or changing your current routine.

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