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How to Know You Need Bifocals or Progressives

A gradual loss of the ability to see well up close is a natural part of aging. The condition is called presbyopia, from the Greek for “elder eye”. If you already wear glasses or contact lenses for distance vision because you have myopia, the medical term for nearsighted, you’ll need to switch to a new prescription. Options include bifocals, vari-focals, and progressives. For contacts, you could also choose monovision in which one eye is corrected for distance and the other is corrected for close work.

Here, from are tips to help you recognize changes in your vision that signal you need to make an appointment with your optometrist or ophthalmologist:

· Holding books and newspapers far away You will notice yourself slowly needing to hold your reading material such as newspapers and menus farther away from your eyes in order to focus.

· Headaches You are experiencing a gradual increase in frequency of headaches, especially after reading or an activity that requires close-up work. Be sure to consult a licensed physician when experiencing recurring headaches in order to rule out , causes other than the changing vision.

· Eye Strain Eye fatigue or drowsiness could happen during activities that require fine visual detail such as drawing, writing, needlepoint, or computer use.

· Driving Have you noticed that when you’re driving, you can see clearly into the distance but have trouble focusing in on signs or indicators on your dashboard such as the speedometer?

· Pairs of glasses? If you’ve needed a pair of reading glasses to switch off with your distance pair, it might be time for a pair of bifocals.

Before you visit your eye doctor:

Write down any unusual symptoms or problems with your vision, even if they seem unrelated to your issue. Your doctor may be able to find a connection.

If you are on any medications, including vitamins and supplements, give your doctor a list. They may be affecting your vision in some way, or they may pose a risk of drug interactions with medications that your doctor could prescribe.

Write down any questions you may have leading up to your doctor’s appointment, This will prevent you from forgetting them when you are at your appointment.

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