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Lifestyle Changes for Better Posture

Whether the goal is to look more confident or increase overall health and wellbeing, anyone can achieve better posture with just a few lifestyle changes. Bing Howenstein, CEO and co-founder of health and wellness consumer brand BackJoy, offers ten tips that will help you look and feel better in the New Year:

Stretch more often. Many people spend entire days hunched in front of a computer. Try stretching for a few minutes every hour to stay limber.

Strengthen core muscles. Strong core muscles are the foundation of good posture. An hour of yoga or Pilates a day is a great way to strengthen the core.

Walk more. People who walk regularly tend to have better bone density resulting in better posture. Keep track of the number of steps taken each day with a pedometer.

Lift weights with good form. Solidify good posture by building some muscle. Lifting weights is also a great way to protect against diseases like osteoporosis.

Look at phones, computers, and TV at eye level. Neck and back muscles become strained when you look up or down at these devices.

Eat healthy. Calcium is essential to bone health to support posture. Make sure to get the right amount of calcium daily by cooking at home with calcium-rich recipes such as those found on the app SideChef.

Keep feet shoulder length apart. Avoid pigeon toe and duck feet by walking with feet parallel and shoulder width apart.

Kneel on a pad. Kneeling for various activities can cause knee and lower back pain. Kneel on a cushioned surface to prevent pain, which can result in damage to posture, with products such as BackJoy’s Kneeler.

Go swimming. Swimming is the best remedy doctors prescribe when recovering from back injury. Since water acts as memory foam for the whole body, swimming can strengthen the back and core muscles to aid in a painless recovery.

10 Support your spine. Backjoy has a line of products including the SitSmartmemory foam seat cushion, StandRightshoes and the Posture Bandthat help correct posture while sitting or standing.

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