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Marital Marijuana: The Key to Wedded Bliss?

Frustrated by poor communication, a fizzling sex life, or lack of intimacy in your marriage? Say goodbye to couple’s therapy and counseling. There’s a new marital guru in town, and she goes by “Mary Jane.”

These findings come in part from a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which found that marijuana users have on average 20% more sex than non-marijuana users. Within that, sexual frequency increased as marijuana use increased.

That means more smoking, more sex.

Research also suggests that marijuana increases the complexity of neural pathways in the brain, improving one’s capacity to empathize and communicate with a partner. A study by researchers at Buffalo University found that married couples who used marijuana three or more times each month had a significantly lower rate of domestic violence than non-users.

Researchers have discovered that smoking marijuana, or “Mary Jane,” can offer married couples a wealth of benefits including:

  • Enhanced sexual satisfaction
  • Improved empathy and communication skills
  • A decreased risk of domestic violence

Other studies, however, suggest that this relationship between sexual frequency and marijuana use is not without its limits, particularly for male users. One study found that the risk of erectile dysfunction for daily marijuana users is as much as three times as high for users than non-users. However – findings suggested the opposite for women.

 One study reported that 90% of women experience heightened sexual pleasure while using marijuana!

Like with most things – there is a spectrum of experience; for some, marijuana actually has the opposite effect, causing short-term social alienation, and feeling of being unable to relate to others. The differential factor – what makes some people react negatively and positively – is not yet known.

So, if you are considering trying marital marijuana, the lesson here is to proceed with some awareness, mindfulness, and a modicum of caution. Be communicative with your partner and see what works for your relationship. As they say, perhaps a puff a day will keep the divorce papers away.


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