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Registration is free on the site called, an online community for patients, friends, families, and healthcare professionals. In addition to sharing personal stories and getting access the latest information on the disease, members can use a diabetes management dashboard to keep track of important personal information such as blood sugar levels, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and medications. Now, for 2014, the site has added new features: 

Doctor Visit Manager– A new tool under MyVisits allows members to schedule their upcoming doctor appointments and set custom reminders leading up to their appointments. Members reminded not only of the date and time of their appointments and are also prompted to enter blood glucose readings and to view and print their VisitOptimizer report, which details blood glucose levels, medications, and other vital health information such as recent lab results. The MyVisits tool also now allows users to add and modify multiple health goals and doctor questions.

Low/High Blood Sugar Alerts– When a member enters a blood sugar that is out of their specified target range, an alert will pop up and explaning what steps to take to correct the blood glucose level.

VisitOptimizer– This feature pulls together a member’s health information from across My Diabetes Home to provide accurate, up-to-date records to take along to doctor visits. The resulting report helps keep doctors informed and ensures that members receive the medical care they need as well as avoiding duplicate tests and exams. Users can also record questions to ask physicians during appointments.

“We are extremely excited about the new features available to our members,” saif Dr. Anuj Bhargava, CEO and Founder of My Diabetes Home. “Our goal has always been to give patients the tools they need to better manage their diabetes. By utilizing these new features, members can expect more efficient physician visits, allowing more one-on-one time with their doctors.” 

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