Style Guidelines for Articles

The first sentence should be formatted in Heading 3, as a brief, compelling intro to the article.

Then begins the content of the article. This should be relatively the same as always. The trick here, is we want to engage readers and keep them reading the entire article, which can be done with the addition of pictures

Author notes and sources should be at the end, NOT the beginning of the article, in a font size 8 and italic. Please keep it as short as possible and add an extra space in between the article text and the beginning of the note.


How to Use Specific Formats:

Heading 1: Do not use – SEO issue

Heading 2: Generally not needed

Heading 3: Use this for first sentence of the article

Heading 4: To be used for articles that have multiple section titles throughout

Heading 5: A smaller alternative, good for lists, etc
Heading 6: Can be used as an alternative

Blockquotes are callouts of important text within a large chunk of text – to be formatted in H4 and used about every 200 words


Italic: Used to cite, quote, etc

Bold: Use sparingly

Regular: This is the standard text throughout the article


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