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Playing the Field: Planning a Sporty Date Night

So you’re finally ready to lace back up your dating shoes and play the field. Planning a fun date at a sporting event can be a great way to break the ice, stay entertained and have a memorable evening without blowing your budget or inviting too many awkward silences—as can often be the case with traditional dates at fancy restaurants or movie theaters. Whether it’s a football game, basketball tournament or the local baseball team’s final match, heading to the stadium or arena can be an ideal dating destination, whether you’re an avid sports fan or not!

Don’t Sweat About Your Outfit

The easiest part of planning a sporting event date? What to wear! Regardless of the sport, a team T-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap are always acceptable attire. There’s no need to get gussied up in heels and a dress when you’ll be yelling with the crowd and high-fiving other fans. Not having to worry about what you’re wearing also lets you concentrate more on the date itself. You can even get away with minimal makeup and your hair pulled back in a sporty braid or ponytail for a carefree evening.

Strike Up a Conversation

The good news is that if you’ve both agreed to head to the arena, you have at least one thing in common—you like sports! Talking about this shared interest means plenty of conversation fodder about your first sporting events, favorite teams and news on your favorite player trades and coaching changes. You may even both have funny or embarrassing memories about sports teams you’ve played for in the past.

Start with Tailgating

If you’re a little nervous about the date, tailgating beforehand allows for easy activities like grilling and enjoying a few cold ones. Plus, being near other fans makes for easy and instant conversation if things are a little awkward at first. Try making this a real part of the date, if possible. Volunteer to bring a travel grill, some hot dogs and burgers, and see if cooking the meal together is something that sparks your date’s interest. It’ll make for a great pre-game activity and allow you to get to know each other beforehand. If grilling isn’t an option, stop for subs, cheesesteaks, or some other fun and “messy” food to eat together in the car before the game. It’s a nice change from candlelit dinners and five-course meals.

Put the Focus on the Game

Unlike a movie where conversation is forced to be kept at a minimum, or a fancy dinner out where conversation is pretty much the only option, heading to the game allows for a perfect medium. When action is plentiful on the field, ice or floor, you can curb the conversation and concentrate on the game. During slower periods or between innings, you can spark up discussions about your favorite players or the best stadium foods without worrying about missing anything. Even if the conversation stalls and you’ve run out of things to talk about, you have the option of commenting on the game or the crazy fans around you. Even better, stadiums are HUGE places prime for walking. Don’t be afraid to take a stroll with your date around the grounds or stadium to get those steps in and give the conversation a little boost.

Don’t think that dinner and a movie is your only option when it comes to dating. If you’re looking for a moderately priced date, the ability to dress down and entertainment that goes on for hours, grab tickets to a game. Whether the home team wins or loses, you’ll have plenty of fun just watching the game.

Adam Young is the founder of Event Tickets Center

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