Put Some Spring into Your Sex Life

In honor of April as Alcohol Awareness Month, Couple Appreciation Month, Informed Women’s Month, and National STDs Education and Awareness Month, Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS, men’s urologist and expert for more than thirty years, offers the best information you can have to put a spring in your sex life:

1.   Sex Under the Influence: It’s Not as Good as You Think It Is

We all know the routine. You have a few drinks, and everything from your tongue to your toes loosens up. But if you’re relying on alcohol to fuel your sex life, your performance, health, and happiness can suffer. In the short term, and the long run, reducing your intake of alcohol will boost your prowess and your performance.

2.   Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction as a Result of Chronic Alcoholism? Here Are Five Steps to Regain Your Erection

Long-term alcoholism can lead to damage of the peripheral nerves. This damage can make it impossible to generate or sustain an erection because of impairments in the complex network of nerves that make an erection possible. Nearly 50 percent of the chronic alcoholics Dr. Danoff has counseled experience either total or partial impotence.

3.   Focus on Satisfying Your Partner

For most men, sex is an obstacle course—a track filled with snares and hurdles in which one scores points for technique as well as for getting to the finish line. The goal is not just to satisfy yourself, it is also all about satisfying your partner. And, let’s be honest, sometimes you may not know whether you achieved that goal or not. Without instant replay, referees, or commentators, how is a man to know if he really satisfied his partner? Talk to your partner!

4.   The Golden Rule Applies in Your Bedroom, Too

It is a simple fact of life and a basic principle of human interaction: we do things to please other people because we want them to treat us well. The Golden Rule is never more powerful than when applied in the bedroom: “Do unto him as you wish he would do unto you.” Danoff’s advice to women and men is to make your man’s sexual satisfaction a high priority for your own selfish reasons. Make him happy, and he will make you happy. Give to him, and you are more likely to get what you want from him.

5. Protect Yourself

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) remain a major public health challenge throughout the world. While significant progress has been made in preventing, diagnosing and treating certain STDs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 20 million new infections occur each year in the United States. The good news is that, when diagnosed properly, most STDs can be treated. Even better, you can protect yourself from STDs by being informed and making smart sexual decisions.

6. Learn about HPV: You Could Have It

About 79 million people in the United States are currently infected with HPV, and about 14 million more get infected each year. HPV is commonly spread through sexual contact. Although a majority of sexually active people will get HPV at some point, most will never know it. Though HPV itself may not be noticeable, it can lead to uncomfortable and even life-threatening conditions, including cervical cancer, penile cancer, and genital warts. The relatively new development of an HPV vaccine offers hope to slow the spread of this dangerous virus.

An author and requested guest on national radio and television shows, Dr. Danoff is a graduate of Princeton University and Yale University Medical School. He has taught on the clinical faculty of the UCLA School of Medicine for more than twenty-five years and is the founder and president of the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Tower Urology Medical Group in Los Angeles. Urologist to many Hollywood stars and the recipient of national and international honors, Dr. Danoff is also senior attending urologist at the Saban Los Angeles Free Clinic.

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