Mango Cucumber Soup

Sultry summer days call for special soups! This lovely concoction is one of our go-to’s when the mercury climbs. And so simple to prepare… what are you waiting for?

Crunchy Carrot Salad

A lovely way to eat your colors – this super simple salad pairs perfectly with our Grilled Salmon with Tomatoes & Basil

Lime Infused Carrot + Citrus Salad

We love pairing citrus with vinegar and spice – it’s a perfect blend of sour, spice, and sweet, and elevates a salad to a sublime place. Perfect on a hot summer day!

Citrus, Peach + Chia Smoothie

This orange, peach, and chia seed superfood smoothie is the perfect treat to sit down and relax with. For those unfamiliar, chia seeds are one of those super-foods that act as a great add-in to things like smoothies and oatmeal. When combined with liquid they form a gelatinous-like consistency and can help thicken your smoothie. Chia seeds don’t really


Known for decades as a liver-protective food, beets may not be the newest kid on the superfood block, but as one of the richest sources of antioxidants, you should take another good look at this root vegetable in juiced form. Beet juice has been shown to help the body respond better to exercise, by balancing oxygen use and increasing stamina.

Soothing Arthritis Elixir

Suffer from arthritis? This juice blend was made to maximize the anti-inflammatory benefits to help soothe the aches and pains that those with arthritis have. The extra-virgin olive oil is key here — don’t substitute with any other oils, as they could actually do more harm than good. And to keep yourself as anti-inflammatory as possible, avoid dairy

Golden Beta-Carotene Elixir

Beta-carotene helps maintain healthy skin and plays a vital role in eye health. Consuming necessary levels can actually lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, macular degeneration and other age-related diseases. Cheers to that!

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