Flatbreads are a feature of many diverse cultures – from Ethiopia to India to Mexico – Lefse, a thin potato-dough Scandinavian “tortilla” is a special food found on holiday tables all throughout the Midwest, where Norwegian immigrants settled. So what exactly is Lefse? It’s a riced potato mixture – rolled out when very cold (NOTE: this is key to

Oyster Dressing

Oyster dressing – as strange as it might sound (possibly conjuring images of the bivalve dressed up with a bowtie) – is a major staple of Thanksgiving in Alabama. Seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is the name of the game in this part of the country – and as such, seafood figures large in Alabama’s culinary canon. Oyster dressing is actually a type of s


Thanksgiving was not always a traditional holiday in Puerto Rico – but as more Puerto Rican families called the US home, they began celebrating the holiday, but in their own unique way. One of the most delicious items that embodies Puerto Rican Thanksgiving is Tembleque – which means ‘ wiggly” – a creamy coconut pudding that melts in your mouth.

Green Bean Casserole

The casserole is king in the Midwest, down into Oklahoma – and is a cornerstone of the Thanksgiving meal. The Green Bean Casserole – which originated in 1955 in the Campbell Soup Company kitchen – has now claimed iconic status. The mix of frozen or canned green beans, mushroom soup or canned cream, French Fried Onions, and a cornflake or Ritz cracker t

Whoopie Pie

A staple of both New England and the Pennsylvania Amish – Whoopie pies are a well-loved dessert staple. According to Amish lore – when kids found these delectable treats in their lunch bags – they would shout “Whoopie!” Mainers like to claim that they were weaned on whoopee pies… So what makes a ‘Whoopie Pie’ a Whoopie? The classic is

Persimmon Pudding

In late September, wild persimmons begin to color the country roads of Indiana with bright, sunset blasts of vibrancy against the verdant green of the bushes. Native to that landscape – Hoosiers forage for persimmons through November, when this wild fruit claims its place on the Thanksgiving table, as a dark, golden pudding. There is deeper history here: t

Frog Eye Salad

Commonly eaten in Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah – and especially popular among Mormons. So what’s in this strange sounding dish? It’s a unique concoction of pasta, eggs, whipped cream, fruits, and marshmallows. Quite a mix, right? Thankfully no amphibians are included in this delicious but crazy-sounding salad!

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