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Remove This Word from Your Vocabulary in 2019

I want you to pause and think of that thing you needed or wanted to do this year—but it’s December and you still haven’t done it.

The idea or project is just sitting there, and fact that you haven’t accomplished it is weighing on you. But when it actually comes down to doing it, you seem to have lost all motivation.

So how do you recover motivation to do something you think you should do?

You can start by giving up this one word in 2019—and replacing it with something much more powerful!

Say goodbye to the S-word


That one word can zap your motivation to do something faster than anything.

I’ve found that whenever I used the word “should” I would procrastinate and avoid the activity or project I thought I “should’ do. That’s because the word “should” in the dictionary indicates a meaning of obligation or duty.

“If you’re trying to force it, you either just won’t make the time or have the energy.”

Notice how often you might say something similar to these:

I should go work out.

I should eat healthy.

I should lose 10 pounds.

I should get out of debt.

I should clean that closet.

I should learn how to ____.

Whatever it is for you, it might even be a necessary or good idea (organize a closet, clean out the car, take a class, plant a garden). But if you’re trying to force it, you either just won’t make the time or have the energy, or you’ll probably keep putting it off because you don’t enjoy it. Or it might be a good thing to do, but maybe not for you to do. Or maybe not at this time.

But there’s another way: Now, for every “should” statement you say, ask yourself, “Is this what I want?” Or do you think you should do it because someone told you to or you feel under some obligation to do it? Sometimes our choices are influenced more about what others want than we want.

Although they might all be great choices, until we personally own them for ourselves we will not be motivated to follow through.

So, the first step to healthy motivation in the new year is to examine your “shoulds” and get clear on what it is YOU want.

You can also clarify what it is you want so it matches the outcome you want to create (i.e. I want to clean the closet so I can always find what I need.)

to-do list for the new yearOnce we claim a choice for ourselves, we then can declare them with “I am” statements.

Then replace “I should” with “I am”

I am working out

I am eating healthy.

I am losing 10 pounds.

I am debt free.

I am cleaning that closet.

I am learning how to ____.

An even higher vibration of belief is to act as if you have already accomplished it and imagine your success with these statements of gratitude:

I am grateful I choose to work out.

I am grateful I eat healthy.

I am grateful I lost 10 pounds.

I am grateful I am debt free .

I am grateful I cleaned the closet.

I grateful I have learned  how to ____.

This simple but powerful shift can make a world of difference!

Remember, when you declare your intentions you uplift your energy so it can support you with the motivation to do it when it is right and timely for you.

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, energy healer, online influencer and pioneer in the field of personal development. She’s the best-selling author of 5 books: Remembering Wholeness, It’s Just My Nature, Discover Your Type of Beauty, The Child Whisperer and her newest, Mastering Affluence. For more information on her work, please click here.


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