Set Yourself Free from Old Patterns

Are you living the life you want now, focusing on what really matters or have you become stuck? If it’s the latter, you can plan change your life through the use of one word: Yes.

Yes is more than a simple word. It’s so important that I’ve called my first book “Living with a Yes in Your Heart.” It’s an attitude and a way of living. It’s a war cry and a shout. Likewise, say no to cynics. Stand against the people who can compromise your own thinking and put doubt in your mind. Believe that your story matters, your life matters. Believe that you can make a difference in this world. If you don’t believe it, no one else will.

Here are some specific ways yes can help you.

Say yes to “me” time.  Schedule time for yourself every day. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled off focus by someone else’s emergency. Most people put every commitment, every meeting, on their schedule. In the process, they miss the all-important time of making time for themselves. Highly successful people understand the importance of carving out time in their schedule to recharge spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Say yes to being kind to you. We’re super hard on ourselves. We make ourselves crazy by our mistakes. We allow what other people think about us to rule our decisions, what we do and how we operate.  Most of the time, we’re way more tolerant and forgiving of others than we are to ourselves. We need to change that.

Say yes to health. Being healthy and strong is important so you can have the energy and passion to live and move toward the goals you want to achieve.

Say yes to living intentionally, with a grateful heart. I have found this to be a clear determining factor, both in the lives of those who “fly” successfully above the circumstances of life, as well as for those who are crushed under the very same circumstances.

Say yes to a breakup with the past. You can’t do anything about five minutes ago. It’s true. The past is just that. Done. Over. The past is in the rear-view mirror. If there is something that needs to be addressed, then move forward with laser focus and do it!

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