12 Best Clean and Natural Sunscreens!

Clean and Natural Sunscreen

We all know the dangers of having too much fun in the sun without proper SPF protection—from painful burns to age spots and lines, and worst of all, skin cancer.But what about the damage your sunscreen is causing you and the environment? Many sun care products on the market contain harmful chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate that are toxic to ingest and hurt our world’s coral reefs; even vitamin A (retinol palmitate) can speed up the formation of skin tumors when exposed to sun.Luckily, smearing your face and body with ingredients you can’t pronounce isn’t your only option for days on the dock. These 12 clean and natural sunscreens employ mineral- or plant-based UV filters (plus superfood ingredients), which are just as effective and even provide healthy skin benefits. So slather up! 

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