Delicious Detox Recipes

10 Detox Recipes

It’s time to detox. But why? Our modern world has created many conveniences - and some inconvenient truths – our systems are often overloaded by chemical and toxin build-up, which accumulates during the course of our daily lives. From the hormones, preservatives, chemicals found in so much of our food, to the pollutants in our environment – taking a time out from the toxins we can control is a smart + healthy move. And guess what – no suffering involved! Here are some simple rules: No caffeine, alcohol, added sugar, gluten, processed oils, vegetable oils (e.g. canola and corn), nightshades (e.g. tomatoes and eggplant), corn, shellfish, red meat, or dairy. Pasture-raised eggs are fine. So what next? Follow these detox diet rules for 10 days – and for inspiration, check out these amazing detox recipes that will make your detox as delicious as it is healthy.

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