You’re Not Alone! Celebrities Who’ve Done IVF

Celebrities Who've Tried IVF - You're Not Alone!

Many families silently struggle with fertility issues, but luckily, medical advances over the past forty years in assisted reproductive technology (ART) can provide help for those interested in getting pregnant. IVF – or In Vitro Fertilization – is one method that can be very successful – though expensive, and generally not fully covered by insurance. It involves harvesting a woman’s eggs, next fertilizing them outside the body, and then implanting the resulting embryo/s in the uterus. Success rates can range from 15%-75% depending on what IVF process is used, maternal age, reproductive history, and lifestyle of the participants. In recent years, many celebrities have come forward publicly about their difficulties with fertility in an attempt to shed light on the common issues many couples face and open the conversation about alternative fertility methods.

Keep reading to see which famous celebs have spoken about their experiences with IVF…

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