The 12 Best Clean Nail Polishes

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How “fresh” is your fresh manicure? Many nail lacquers on the market and in salons (even some fancy brands!) are formulated with formaldehyde, phthalates, camphor, xylene, toluene, parabens, plus other potent chemicals. And what you put on your body will inevitably be absorbed into your body—this can cause headaches, skin irritation, nervous system damage, and other health risks. Luckily, there’s a healthier way to rock nail color, and opting for clean ingredients doesn’t mean sacrificing long-lasting, glossy manis. There are benefits to swapping to non-toxic polish, whether it’s 3-free (free of three “non-clean” ingredients or all the way to 10-free): When you ditch the harsh ingredients and treat your nails with TLC, they’ll actually grow healthier overtime. Here, we’ll dish on 12 of our fave non-toxic polish brands and why they made the cut.

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