The Worst (+ Best) Foods for Your Skin

Your Skin Is What You Eat

“Eat your vegetables.” “Grab a piece of fruit on your way to school.” “Protein will help you grow up big and strong.” As children, we hear nutritional advice from an early age, and can parrot it back pretty much as soon as we can talk. As they should, our well-meaning parents place an importance on a healthful, balanced diet, particularly in our formative years when it can have such an impact on our physical, mental and emotional development. And our skin is no different. What we put in our mouths has a direct impact on how our complexion appears to the outside world. Consume foods packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and your skin will flourish. Load up with junk food and empty carbs? Not so much. Let’s be more specific. What are the top two food groups to avoid? And what are the three most important nutrients your body needs – and where can you find them? Let’s start with the bad guys.

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