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Stuck in the Anxiety and Fear of Coronavirus? 4 Things to Help You Snap Out of It

If you’re feeling anxiety and fear about the coronavirus, you’re not alone. The crisis has shifted our lives and pulled the rug out from under our feet in all sorts of ways. Anxiety and fear are natural reactions to sudden disruption, isolation and the immense uncertainty that all of us are facing now.

It’s understandable to be caught up in a whirlwind of extreme negative emotions, but this is also the time when we need to fight for ourselves and become hypervigilant that our pessimistic state of mind won’t send us into a downward spiral that may be difficult to climb out of when this is over. How can we snap out of it and nip our downward spiral in the bud? How can we find inner growth tools to help us center ourselves and regain balance and inner peace despite what is going on?

Embrace the Hidden Gifts

Along with an uncomfortable uncertainty, these unprecedented times have blessed us with the gift of positive awakening. We suddenly realize that the world involves more than just ourselves and our busy lives. It involves our entire planet of neighbors from every culture struggling with the same crisis. Let’s use this awakening as an opportunity to transcend who we were before this pandemic and who we can become now, shifting our hearts towards sending each person our healing, strength and love.

Give and Receive Unconditionally

There is a saying, “always keep your own glass full first.” Now is a time to live this saying by not only keeping our own glass full, but by allowing it to spill over the rim! Unconditional giving and receiving requires a constant replenishment of the spirit.

glass spilling over

When we give to others, it distracts and heals us, too. This mutual dance of giving and receiving provides abundant opportunities to release anxiety and fear. To keep your ability to give and receive vibrant, remember to rejuvenate yourself through deep breathing, staying present, crying, writing, meditating, creating, forming positive affirmations and walking in nature. Each healing tool helps build extra strength, patience and resilience and can keep your glass spilling over the rim.

Honor Your Dreams

Dreams are a lifeline to hope. We have been so busy that many of us have not had time to honor our dreams or even know we had any dreams. This pandemic is giving all of us the gift of more opportunities to dream. Tap into these opportunities by visualizing the specifics of your dreams and write down small steps towards making them come true. Transform the pain you are experiencing into your life’s mission, purpose and work of love. What can you do to uplift one human heart? What can you do to discover and love more of the goodness of who you really are? There is a silver lining within the coronavirus that can help lead you to the core of honoring yourself in new and meaningful ways.

Redefine Success

In the age-old tug-of-war between measuring “success” in terms of money and accomplishments, our inner life suddenly has the time to receive more attention. With work, consumerism, socializing and other external goals on hold indefinitely, we now have time to reflect, to love and to heal. This shift is part of the blessing within the pandemic. This time of retreating and reflection forces us to dig deeply within our soul and focus on who we are as human beings.  When we do that, we realize that the true meaning of “success” is easy.  It only requires us to be love, shine love and stand for love.

This is a time to free yourself to be yourself.  The next time anxiety and fear begin to get the upper hand, try any one or more of these things.  The order doesn’t matter. Do what feels like the best fit for you in that moment. Then repeat it as often as you can, creating a new habit or series of habits that will nourish you not just through this crisis but for a lifetime.

Cheryl Melody Baskin (aka Melody) channels her boundless creative and spiritual energy into a variety of endeavors, from practicing healing arts — including music and sound healing — to serving as a motivational speaker, an educator, an intuitive life coach, workshop facilitator and musician. She is the author of Heart-Dreamer: Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams-No Matter What (2019) and Shift of Heart-Paths to Healing and Love (2016). Ever extending her creative energy, Melody is also a playwright. Recently, she penned a three-act children’s musical entitled, Peace Begins with You and Me-A Musical Play with Important Messages for Every Generation, and has also recorded nine award-winning albums for both adults and children. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Hartt College of Music and a Master of Arts from Lesley University. She lives in Hopkinton, MA. Visit her website:


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