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Take A Vacation with Joint Comfort: Travel Tips for Aching Joints

Summer may almost be over but there is still time for that long-awaited vacation. Whether it’s a relaxing family trip to the beach or a romantic European adventure that awaits you, there’s one annoying traveler that would be better off staying at home — Joint Discomfort.

For many Americans, joint discomfort is that dark cloud hanging over all those sunny, summer plans. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our friends at Cosamin for Joint Health have put together some essential travel tips to help make sure your next vacation is also a break from joint discomfort.


Consider Space
No, we’re not suggesting you visit the Moon. We mean consider the personal space you have on the way to your destination. If you’re flying or taking a train, pay a little more for a seat with extra legroom so you can stretch out. If that price point is too high, try to get an aisle seat so you can easily get up and move around periodically. Keeping your joints limber while you travel is essential for arriving at your destination in comfort so you can get the most enjoyment out of that well-earned vacation.

Roll With It
When it comes to efficiently moving your belongings while you travel, nothing beats a quality rolling bag. By diverting extra weight from your body and reducing heavy lifting, you are taking all that unnecessary pressure off your joints. For even more joint relief, do your best to not over pack so transporting your luggage will be as cool and breezy as that ocean view.

Give It A Rest
It may sound like redundant advice for someone on vacation, but take some time to relax. If your trip involves a lot of walking and movement, be sure to plan some time-outs, whether it’s grabbing a refreshing beverage at a trendy cafe or stopping for a delicious snack. Even if you’re not particularly hungry or thirsty, the “people watching” is always worth the time.


Honesty Is The Best Policy
Chances are you’re not the only one on this vacation and that’s great! What is not great is lying to yourself or your travel partners about your comfort level. If you need a break or want to give that whitewater rafting lesson a pass, let your loved ones know. They will be happy to not see you in discomfort.

New Shoes, You Lose
Going on a more active vacation is probably not the best time to buy new shoes. Instead, go with a trusty pair that offers good support and a lot of traction. If you do want to purchase a new pair, do your research and find shoes designed to distribute weight and reduce stress on your joints. Be sure to give yourself a few weeks to break them in and ensure you are not adding to your discomfort.

Supplement Your Enjoyment
Take a premium glucosamine & chondroitin joint supplement that is clinically proven to help promote joint comfort and mobility both home and abroad. For those planning a more active getaway, a joint supplement specially formulated for faster action will help ensure comfort stays with you every step of the way. Just remember to pack enough pills to get you through your adventure!

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For more information about how to improve your joint health, check out How Cosamin Works or talk to your physician about the benefits of Cosamin, a premium joint health supplement.

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