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Thanksliving Recipes Your Family Will LOVE!

You may be wondering if there’s a typo in the title of this article… So what is Thanksliving? Here’s how we see it: an opportunity to give thanks by letting beings live – and focusing our gratitude on being with one another, reflecting on what we are grateful for in our lives. Research shows that people who practice grateful thinking reap emotion, physical, and psychological benefits – and what better act of gratitude than appreciating all the wondrous species that cohabitate the planet Earth?



Herbed Spinach Quiche Portabella Caps

Here’s a clever twist on quiche – scrap the high fat and high carb pastry for meaty portabella mushroom caps to make tasty individual quiches. Makes a fabulous main dish for Thanksliving.



Sautéed Spinach, Mushroom + Chickpea Bowl

Sautéed veggies simmered with chickpeas, mushrooms, and wilted spinach make up this colorful dish. While this recipes calls for chickpeas and spinach, any combination of “beans and greens” will work. A colorful addition to any holiday table!



Pumpkin “Cheese” Sauce With Quinoa Pasta

Mac-n-cheese without the cheese? YES! This recipe deliciously nails a creamy, non-dairy cheese sauce. The secret is the blend of mustard with nutritional yeast – a potent and powerful flavor union! A perfect substitute for a Thanksgiving classic – and good for you too!



Beets, Beans + Greens

Colorful, antioxidant-packed, and delicious – this salad will look good on your table, and power up your day! Make your Thanksliving table as colorful as the foliage outside with this beautiful dish.



Paprika Cumin Quinoa

We love the aroma of this recipe – the cumin and turmeric lend an Indian flavor, while the paprika hearkens to romantic Budapest nights. A perfect complement to our Sautéed Spinach, Mushroom + Chickpea Bowl.



Classic Un-Chicken Salad

Love chicken salad – but don’t eat meat? We’ve got you covered! This is our delicious plant-based twist on an American classic – sure to please all your holiday guests.



Healthy Pumpkin Pie Custard

This is a perfect dessert option for pumpkin pie season! All the familiar aromatic flavors, creamy (but no dairy!), and lightly sweetened, but sans crust. Simple to make – and perfect aprés holiday dinner dessert!



Apple Pistachio Crisp

Honeycrisp apples, true to their name, are both sweet + crunchy. They’re delicious raw, but also perfect for baking. Their sweetness allows us to reduce added sugar, as we did with this apple crisp – so enjoy sans guilt! Apples are part of the Thanksliving canon – and here, you have a beautiful blend of flavors that will keep you and your guests coming back for more.



Almond + Coconut Macaroons

Macaroons make us swoon. We just love them. And we made them even better by subbing honey for sugar, which gives sweetness without overpowering the delicate almond coconut flavor, and the aromatic vanilla. The coconut flavor pairs superbly with the more tart flavors in our Apple Pistachio Crisp.

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