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The Period-preneurs Who Launched an Organic Tampon Revolution

There are a lot of myths floating around about periods that we need to dispel.

First, whatever that blue stuff they pour on pads on television is not anything like the real deal. Second, sharks are not going to attack while you swim in the ocean on your period (phew, it’s summer). And third, those clean tampons that you’re reaching for aren’t actually clean—they’re loaded with toxic chemicals like chlorine, polyethylene, and glyphosate.

For the non-scientists: the chemicals found in most tampons are the same substances we use to clean our pools, make plastic bags, and instantly kill weeds.

Needless to say, what we know about the effects of these chemicals on our bodies isn’t great.

But luckily for women’s bodies everywhere, the period goddesses have graced us with the founders of Lola, an organic tampon company taking the menstrual hygiene products market by storm.

Jordan Kier was still in grad school in 2014 when she connected with Alex Friedman over a simple question,

“Have you ever wondered what’s in a tampon?”

Those few words would spark the launch of a multi-million-dollar company that is leading the increasingly popular movement towards organic feminine products.

The pair started simple, offering customers 100% organic tampons delivered directly to their door. (What’s not to like, right?) As positive feedback poured in, they expanded their line to include a variety of other menstrual products including pads, liners, and even cramp-relieving essential oil blends. Just months ago, Lola branched out into women’s sexual health, rolling out a line of natural condoms, lubricant, and feminine cleansing wipes.

Though it has been a quick ascent to the top for Lola, the journey there has not been without its challenges. Kier and Friedman shared on their blog, My Lola, that they had a hard time building the right, balanced team to get the job done. But before they were even able to hire staff, they needed to first convince the (mostly male) investors to give them the funding to do so, a not-so-easy task when you’re pitching a tampon venture.

To overcome this, Kier and Friedman took it back to square one, teaching their investors the ABC’s of periods.

They gave real tampons to investors to handle, something that many of them had likely never done before.

They explained the deficiencies of the mainstream products, the inconvenience of having to trek to the drugstore each month, and the advantage of 100% organic.

Their strategy worked—and continues to work—the company has received tens of millions of dollars in funding to date from sources ranging from major investment firms to actress Lena Dunham. Recognizing the market potential in organic feminine care, other brands have grown their natural product offerings.

Despite their success, or perhaps fueled by it, Kier and Friedman stay true to a mission of educating women about their menstrual products and bodies.

The ideal, they say, is not just that everybody is using Lola tampons but that each woman questions what her menstrual products contain and ultimately makes an empowered, educated decision about what is best for her body. The result is a type of woman power that comes from within.

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