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We’re Still Living Longer Than the Guys

Research done atthe Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and Women’s College Hospital in Ontario showed that women continue to outlive men as numbers of centenarians rises. The study was published in January 2013 intheJournal of the American Geriatrics Society.According to the data, a whopping 85% of people 100 and over are females.  Not only that, but the total number of centenarians in Ontario has increased by more than 70% over the last 15 years

A release from the hospital quotes lead author Dr. Paula Rochon as saying, “Our study highlights that older people are living longer, and women make up a significant proportion of centenarians. The predominance of women among those of advanced age challenges us to consider tailoring health and social care to meet their particular needs.”  

The population-based study of centenarians used an estimated 1.8 million individuals 65 years of age and older. This study that documents changes to the size of the centenarian population over the past 15 years found:

*In Ontario, the number of centenarians increased from 1069 in 1995 to 1842 in 2010, a 72.3 per cent increase during this period.

*During the same time period, the 85-99 year age group increased from 119,955 to 227,703, an 89.8% increase.

*Of the 1842 centenarians, 6.7% were 105 years or older.

*Women represented 85.3% of all centenarians and 89.4% of those 105 years or older. 

*Almost half lived in the community — 20.0% independently and 25.3% with publicly funded home care. 

*Preventive drug therapies (bisphosphonates and statins) were frequently dispensed.

*In the preceding year, 18.2% were hospitalized and 26.6 %were seen in an emergency department.

*More than 95% saw a primary care provider and 5.3% saw a geriatrician. 

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