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When Medications Work against Weight Loss

Posted by Jane Farrell

While diet, exercise and behavior modification are essential components of obesity management, a successful long-term weight loss strategy should also include avoiding or minimizing medication-related weight gain, according to researchers. … Read More→

couple looking at food in supermarket

Simpler Expiration Dates for Food

Posted by Jane Farrell

Over the years, sell-by dates have caused confusion for consumers buying food products, but now grocery manufacturers and retailers are adopting standard wording that will help people better evaluate quality … Read More→

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Pride: Not Always A Bad Thing

Posted by Jane Farrell

Although pride is often regarded as a negative emotion, primarily in Western cultures, it may have served as an important purpose in the evolution of our ancestors. And pride also … Read More→


Making Boredom Work for You

Posted by Jane Farrell

Boredom isn’t about having nothing to do, according to experts at Harvard Medical School. Instead, there’s a cause many people aren’t aware of. As an example, an article in the … Read More→


Your Marital Status and Your Health

Posted by Jane Farrell

Marital status can affect women’s health in a number of ways. A University of Arizona study suggests that women who marry later in life may gain a few extra pounds, … Read More→

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How Medicare Could Save Costs

Posted by Jane Farrell

Current trends in medical billing will lead to Medicare overpaying private insurance programs by hundreds of billions of dollars, according to a new study. The conclusion was reached by researchers … Read More→

Ear Problems

Stop Cleaning Your Ears

Posted by Jane Farrell

If you think you’re being extra hygienic by cleaning the inside of your ears every day with a cotton swab, you might want to take another look at your routine. … Read More→