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Smartphone Security Tips

Seniors are one of the most at risk groups for identity theft in the United States, according to recent reporters. Hackers that gain access to smartphones have the ability to steal a wealth of personal information including addresses, banking information, private messages and more. Here, George Waller, co-founder of the cyber-security team Strikeforce, shares tips on keeping your smartphone’s information safe:

1) Set up a master password

Setting up a master password locks the phone and prevents unwanted access in case it is lost or stolen. Many phones today include a biometric fingerprint reader, which is more secure than a password. Check with the manufacturer of your phone to see if that feature is available.

2) Use different passwords and keep them in a Mobile Password Vault (Password Manager)

Keeping track of your online passwords and login details can be a pain. Complicated passwords with complex strings of alphanumeric symbols are a headache to track and manage. And although it may seem easier, you should never use the same username and password for multiple websites. That’s where password vaults come in: they allow you to safely store your numerous passwords, login names and other personal details in an encrypted data vault that you can easily access. (Editor’s note: for more on password managers, click here.)

3) Utilize Keystroke Encryption Software

Spyware and malware will always find their way onto your mobile device, no matter how cautious you are. There are many reports that show that spyware has even been embedded in many popular apps that people use. Installing Keystroke Encryption software on your mobile device is extremely important because it helps prevent mobile spyware (keyloggers) from stealing what you type on your mobile keyboard. An easy-to-use version for PCs and Mobile Phones is available here.

4) Use a Password Generator

Password generators help you to create highly secure passwords that are difficult to crack or guess. A good password generator should be user definable and allow you to set the following parameters: password length (from 8 – 99) characters, starts with upper or lower case, or, contains numbers. Most password generator also allow the user to store that newly created strong password directly into the password vault.

5) Use a Secure Browser

The default browsers that come on Apple and Android mobile devices have several known vulnerabilities and are easily exploited by hackers, therefore, using a secure browser that has removed those vulnerabilities is critically important.

For more information on George Waller’s company, Strikeforce, click here.

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