The 4 Types of People You'll Meet at Work - and How to Win Them Over

Editor’s note: Dr. Ivan Misner, PhD, has been called “The Father of Modern Networking” by CNN. Here, he talks about the kinds of people you’ll meet at work, and how to make those relationships work for you:

  1. THE GO-GETTER. These people tend to be results-oriented, driven, fast-paced, and impatient. They believe in expedience and are not afraid to bend the rules in order to get things done more efficiently.
  • When working with go-getters, cover “high points” quickly, don’t follow a script, offer all relevant information succinctly. When problem solving for them, present two to three options with pros/cons for each. Most important, deliver on everything you promise.
  1. THE PROMOTER. These people tend to be very positive and friendlyThey avoid confrontations, love meeting new people, and like to be seen at networking events. Promoters would rather schmooze with clients than work on a proposal in the office. They are idea people; dreamers who excel at getting other people to believe in their vision. They often make decisions based on intuition.
  • When working with promoters, stay upbeat and playful. Strike a balance between listening to their stories and gathering the information you need. When problem solving for them, show how your approach would increase their prestige, image or recognition. Most important, always agree on specifics in writing.
  1. THE NURTURER. These people tend to be patient, kind, caring, and helpful. They are great listeners and enjoy things at a slower pace. They don’t like to be pushed into things and they appreciate quality time with people they do business with. They are excellent team players but are very risk adverse.
  • When working with nurturers, behave honestly, sincerely, and attentively. Allow time for them to open up to you. When problem solving for them, always show how your solution will stabilize and simplify their work. Most important, stay in touch regularly and never rush them.
  1. THE EXAMINER. These people tend to be thorough, efficient, and task-driven. They love to check things off their to-do list. Because they like to be well-informed, they make decisions slowly and have a propensity for perfectionism. They’re good conversationalists and are knowledgeable about a lot of topics. They’re in control of their emotions and can be uncomfortable around people who are less self-contained. Their wit gives them an off-the-wall sense of humor.
  • When working with examiners, avoid small talk. Always ask relevant and fact-oriented questions. When problem solving for them, always back up your ideas with data. When trying to win their business, stress in a factual way what you do better than your competition.

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